Friday, December 9, 2016

Aztec Wishes Donation 2016

For the first time ever I went with DH to drop off the Aztec Wishes donation at the local tech high school this morning. The coordinator of the toy drive had mentioned she'd like to meet in person, so DH and I scheduled a drop off time. I have no idea where the time has gone this holiday season. I was on track until Thanksgiving and then time seems to have just disappeared. We normally drop off right after Thanksgiving, but this year one thing or another kept coming up and we were literally up against the drop off deadline this morning and we scooted in with drop offs from our Crochetville friends Tampa Doll and Darski.

DH and I were debating if this was equal or larger than last year's donation. With different box sizes it really is hard to compare. However, I will say thanks to Darski and Tampa Doll and all those who answered my wish list requests, it is a sizeable donation to help kids have dolls to play with this Christmas season.

We had 4 18" dolls, 1 8" Baby Doll, 1 12" Baby Doll, and 1 15" Baby doll. All the dolls have clothing, most have blankets, and two of the baby dolls have carriers. We had so many 18" doll clothes they bought more 18" dolls to accommodate our offerings. I normally just send 2, but AC Moore oddly let me use a 55% coupon on a Springfield doll, which I haven't been able to do for years, so a 3rd doll suddenly became doable.

I still have 2 more of my projects to post as it's been a crazy year and Blogging has not been as consistent as I'd like. I will get to posting them though because having a written record helps me remember what I've done and gives me some clues about what to try and what to avoid the next time I pursue the project. I some how seem not to have posted Darski and Tampa Doll's contributions although I did post them on Crochetville. I'm going to include them here again to have a complete record of what has been done to keep this project going.

Tampa Doll sent the Clown doll dressed and the other two outfits as her donation this year. Her work is always so detailed. I especially loved the Dorothy dress done in thread. As someone who always struggles with my thread work, her work always amazes me.

These are Darski's donations which included an 8" baby doll and so many beautiful 18" doll outfits that it is just beyond words to describe.

As always Donna was thrilled with our donations. There was only one student there when we arrived, but on seeing all the boxes he quickly recruited other students in the program to help him bring all the donations back to the room where they are being sorted for distribution.

Friday, September 16, 2016

American Girl Granny Square Dress

I originally started out to make Red Heart's free pattern My Doll's Easter Frock found here. I ordered the yarn, began the squares and thought I'd made a good start. It didn't work out quite as I'd hoped and I had to play with the squares to get them all to fit together. I also ended up creating a top that would work with the skirt as the one from the pattern wasn't working for me. Having made all the squares I wasn't going to abandon the project, but it wasn't quite as easy as I'd hoped.

I was pleased to have rescued this outfit. I hate wasting time and yarn on projects that don't work. This one is came out to be a cute spring dress rather than the Easter outfit I had hoped to create.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

American Girl Star Wars Inspired Rey Costume

I love finding current pop culture items to add to my donations, especially when they aren't too complicated to create. This was a wonderful gift from DH and you can purchase it here.

I never got to the theater to see the movie, but I was able to borrow it from the library before I began working on the pattern, so I had some idea who the character was while I was working on the outfit.

This outfit works up quickly. I'd make the wrist warmers a bit tighter next time.

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